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Professional directory listing and directory reporting software Directory Report

Total Directory Report is directory listing and reporting utility tool designed for printing directory contents and creating detailed directory lists and analytical directory reports about files and directories on local hard disks, network folders or FTP servers. Using this directory listing software you can create 18 accurate directory reports and lists about any folder or disk contents, view, save or print them in HTML or PDF formats, export reports to the CSV format, archive them or send by e-mail. Thanks to the built-in browser functions, application features convenient navigation through lists and reports, including viewing files and directories without even leaving the application.

Directory Report

Below is what makes our directory listing tool unique:


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What makes Total Directory Report the best choice:




The main purpose of the program is creating reports and directory lists. Our tool is the only directory lister utility that is fully optimized for that task. Each directory report it generates contains exhaustive information and allows you, for example, to find large or last modified directories, find duplicate files and and can be used also for ftp directory listing or website directory listing.



Additional Features:


Saving reports


A created directory report can be saved in the HTML or PDF format. You can also save all created reports simultaneously.


Printing reports


A created directory report can be printed using the corresponding menu command or the toolbar button..


Converting reports and directory lists into the CSV format


A directory report can be converted into the CSV format for further editing or viewing with third-part applications.


Archiving reports


You can put any created report into an archive, in the ZIP format. The created archive will automatically contain a report in HTML, PDF and CSV formats.


Sending reports by e-mail  


Our program contains a built-in SMTP client which allows it to send reports as e-mail attachments. Merely two mouse clicks and your directory report containing list of files in a folder or a directory tree will be automatically sent to your colleague or a support team.

Why Total Directory Report?


There are many programs on the Internet that can scan a disk or a folder and display certain folder contents information. Most of these programs do not have many functions, and usually are limited with show folder size capabilities. On the other hand, our product creates 18 different types of reports and directory lists, supports FTP folders and is one of the fastest on the market. Besides, the program supports such additional functions like sending directory report by e-mail and archiving it. Thus, it makes our directory listing utility one of the best on the market.


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