Creating reports

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To create a report:

1) Open the "File" menu and choose "Create report(s)…" or click the (1) button on the Toolbar or drag a folder from Windows Explorer and drop it on the icon in the bottom right corner of the main window.


dlg_noteIf you want to create reports for one of the special (known) folders, such as “My Documents” or “Images”, select “Special folders” tab on the Quick Access Panel and select the folder from the list.

dlg_noteIf you have already made a report for the selected folder, disk or FTP server (the "Add profile..." box in the "Report(s)" Dialog Box  must be checked), you can select the desired item in the “Folder profiles” list  by choosing the tab (2) on the Quick Access Panel.



2) In the "Report(s)" Dialog select the option button "The path to a folder or disk", click the "…" button and choose a folder in the "Browse for folder" Dialog Box.

dlg_noteTo create reports on files located on an FTP server set the option button "Path to a FTP located folder" and specify the FTP server address, the user name (login), the password, the folder on the FTP server and a proxy server name (if necessary), and an FTP mode (passive or not).

dlg_noteIf you need to specify a folder path on an FTP server, use the forward slash "/", for example, "MyFolder/Sub1" (without the quotes) instead of backslash "\".

3) Select the reports you want.


4) Select the check box "Add profile of the folder to the 'Folder profiles' list" if you need regular construction of reports for this folder.


5) Click the OK button.