For translators

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Our company is interested in expanding the audience of Total Directory Report. We believe that Total Directory Report is the most advanced product in its category. We want you to help us in localizing our products. Translate the program interface to your language and get a full version of Total Directory Report in exchange.

If you decide to translate the program interface please make sure the program doesn’t have the translation to that language yet. For this, in the "Settings" Dialog Box click the "Install ..." button and then in the displayed message box click the button "OK". If the language file exists, it will appear in the list of the "Download & Install language file" Dialog Box. If for some reason (such as proxy settings or a firewall preventing the program to access to the Internet) it has failed to load the list of available languages, download the archive with all available language files manually. Inform us about your intentions and let us know what language you are going to translate the program to. Use the following e-mail address: can begin translating, if within 24 hours you do not get objections from our side. Copy the original file "English.lng", and then rename it (for example, into "Spanish.lng", if you translate into Spanish). Open the file (for example, in the Notepad editor) and specify the option "Language" of the section "Header", (for example, Espaсol). Translate the file, save it in the UNICODE format (UTF-16, little endian, default Unicode format for Notepad), and then send it to us as an e-mail attachment to, including the name we should issue a license for Total Directory Report to. After we check the translation, we will send you a registration key.